cineSync for all and all for cineSync!

The new film version of The Three Musketeers from Paul W.S. Anderson, starring Orlando Bloom and Milla Jovovich shared the VFX work between several facilities, including Rodeo FX, Mr X and Fusion CI Studios.

A recent press release from Fusion Ci Studios detailed the work they did, how they interacted with the other facilities and what part cineSync played in the process:

"In the exciting opening sequence, the Musketeers help Lady DeWinter steal Da Vinci’s plans for a flying war machine from deep inside an underwater vault; the scene climaxes in an explosion blasting a ‘big water’ escape route! Fusion CI Studios, LA, created the fluid sims and Mr. X, Toronto, rendered & finished.

"The simulations were created using RealFlow and various in-house plugins developed by Fusion’s vfx supervisor, Mark Stasiuk. Fusion received Maya scenes from Mr. X with the solid geometry, and the geo was then simplified for export to RealFlow. In general, the fluid sim work was done by creating a number of passes – core water, splashes, foam, spray and included post-processing using custom Python algorithms. Fusion then passed the RealFlow data sets to Mr. X via ftp and did reviews of the playblasts of the simulations using cineSync. Consultation and technical support was provided on various aspects of the render – Fusion provided wetmaps and custom foam passes that would work with Mr. X’s rendering technology."

The press release goes on to describe the work and processes involved in some detail and is well worth a read.

The official site for The Three Musketeers is here.