cineSync brings Warm Bodies to life

Director Jonathon Levine approached US based Look FX to handle all the VFX work - which required Look FX to substantially ramp up its Vancouver facility. VFX Supervisor Dan Schreker was based at Look FX's New York facility, so he relied on cineSync to review their work.

From an interview with Creative Cow's Debra Kaufman:

"Jonathan contacted me and we hit it off," says Schreker. "Picking LOOK Effects was a leap of faith on his part, as well as on the part of the studio, because we hadn't done creature work. But I think he was confident we could get it done based on our track record."

"We had a shingle in Vancouver, with space and the key people in place," says Schreker. "Matt Krentz, our digital effects supervisor went there from New York to open the facility and he made it all happen."

Warm Bodies was one that relied heavily on remote viewing with cineSync. After production finished in Montreal, the director Levine was in Los Angeles, visual effects supervisor Schreker was in New York, and the LOOK Effects facility was in Vancouver. "Jonathan and sometimes his editor Nancy Richardson, visual effects producer Tom Ford, visual effects editor Shannon Olds would all get on to cineSync to review shots," he says. "That was great; we were able to work together and we were never in the same place."

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