cineSync is real time video synchronisation

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cineSync + ftrack

ftrack, the cloud based platform for production tracking, asset management, review and team collaboration has added an deep integration with cineSync, via their ftrack Connect API.

  • Any clips or stills for review in ftrack can be opened in cineSync through the Action menu.
  • Media is transferred automatically from ftrack to the cineSync review session, for both the session owner and guests.
  • Once the review has been completed in cineSync, all notes, drawings and saved frames can be exported back to ftrack with a single click.
  • Because the export is entirely automated, there’s no requirement to transcribe notes or copy frames back into ftrack, saving time and eliminating errors.
  • Once back in ftrack, the notes and saved frames can be easily linked back to the original versions, so all cineSync review information is retained in the correct location.

The integration is free and available to all cineSync Pro account owners. If you have the latest versions of ftrack and cineSync, you can start using the integration right away.

cineSync + Shotgun

Shotgun Software and cineSync have joined forces to offer a comprehensive integration between the best project management tool available and the world's leading remote review and approval software. By having Shotgun and cineSync work together, end users can optimize workflows, minimize errors and improve collaboration and communication across facilities and teams regardless of their geographical location.

With cineSync 3.0, Shotgun users will be able to create playlists from within the Shotgun interface and launch cineSync sessions with the click of a button. Any metadata stored with the media can be exported to the review session.

Similarly, any notes, drawings, colour changes or saved frames in your cineSync 3.0 session can simply exported back to Shotgun, with all data being saved against the correct version of the shot. No more manual entry of saved notes, no more transcribing, no more exporting frames and linking them one by one - it's just a single command in cineSync 3.0.

These are all customisable, script based processes. Our Shotgun-integration installer provides you with the necessary scripts to make it all work, which you can further customise according to your own specific setup. You can add new scripts to perform new functions or to bring other applications into the pipeline, be it exporting simple list based notes and data to something like Excel, exporting media to other local players... There really is no limit.

The cineSync / Shotgun integration is available as an easily installable package and is free with any cineSync Pro account.

If you'd like to know more about the integration, or would like to try out a demo, please contact

cineSync + Aspera

If you have an Aspera server and a cineSync Pro account, you can now make Aspera transfers right from the cineSync interface.

Aspera's world-renowned fasp™ transport eliminates the fundamental bottlenecks of conventional file transfer technologies such as FTP and HTTP and dramatically speeds transfers over public and private IP networks. Using standard, unmodified IP networking, fasp achieves practically ideal throughput efficiency and is the industry standard for fast, reliable transfers.

With Aspera software, file transfer times can be guaranteed, regardless of the distance between end-points or the dynamic conditions of the network, including transfers over satellite, wireless, and inherently long distance and unreliable international links. Complete security is built-in, including secure endpoint authentication, on-the-fly data encryption and integrity verification.

Integrated into cineSync Pro 3.3+, the Aspera file transfer technology is simple to use, reliable and secure.

Guests joining a cineSync Pro session are automatically granted an Aspera license for the duration of the session, so there’s no requirement for them to purchase their own licenses. This means that files for review can be uploaded through cineSync using Aspera, safe in the knowledge that guests invited to the session will be able to download them directly from the cineSync interface, with the same speed and security and without any difficulty on their part whatsoever. The process is entirely transparent and requires them to do nothing more than click the download button.

Aspera servers can be purchased directly from Aspera. If you're interested in upgrading to cineSync Pro, please contact cineSync Sales.

cineSync + Joust

This first of its kind integration with cineSync allows live, streaming, interactive reviews that can be carried out from within the JOUST interface. With the addition of the cineSync technology, JOUST Review (a component of the overall JOUST system) will be an even more powerful tool for filmmakers, allowing them to easily collaborate on shot reviews. Users will be able to comment on shots as soon as they become available and give precise, frame accurate feedback to a team of artists that may be spread across different facilities, cities, or even countries. As a web-based tool, JOUST Review does not require any software installation, or downloading of files. For guests invited to review material, joining the review is a simple and intuitive process. All notes, annotations and thumbnails can be saved out for import into other production/VFX tools and will be stored within JOUST for future reference and easy sharing among the team.

JOUST will also be integrated with Cospective's Academy-Award winning cineSync Pro, Cospective's application based review and approval system for high res and stereoscopic material. This will allow users to easily transfer media from JOUST to cineSync Pro when they require the most robust review tools.

JOUST is a web-based application created by The Creative-Cartel to streamline the digital workflow of a project, from production through post. It puts control of digital assets and meta-data in the hands of production where they can be accessed and utilized quickly and efficiently. JOUST acts as a repository for all reference material and meta-data during principal photography, including data wrangling information, camera notes as well as pertinent color information for each shot. It is also a powerful tool for post-production with features that include a dailies and vendor review system and the ability to create bid packages, watermark images, and automate vendor submissions. In addition, editorial teams are able to interact with JOUST to manage plate pulls and transcoding so that VFX plates are delivered to vendors in hours, not days.

For more information contact