ShotGrid Review for cineSync lets you quickly setup cineSync reviews using any of the versions (media) you track in ShotGrid. After the review is complete any notes and annotations can be quickly and easily published back into ShotGrid.

To get started, go to the Integrations menu, select ShotGrid and choose “Browse ShotGrid”.

On the login page use the 'Login using' drop down to select your method to login. The options are Username / Desktop App or API key.
To use Username - You will need to create a legacy user and token, instructions on this are located here.
Once the legacy user and tokens are set-up you will be able to select Login using Username and simply Enter the URL of your ShotGrid instance, username and password.

To use the Destop App - Enter the URL of your ShotGrid instance and ensure the app is running.
To use the API Key - Enter the URL of your ShotGrid instance, Script name and API key. 

Should your ShotGrid instance have two factor authenication enababled then you will need to enter it.

On the Projects page you'll see all your active projects.

On the Versions and Playlists page you'll see two options:

  • Versions: Displays all the versions in the project.
  • Playlist: Displays all the playlists in the project.

The playlist page shows a list of playlists that are in the currently active project. These can be sorted either by name or the date - select the required sort by clicking on the dropdown arrow.

Select Sort by name or by date.


To add a playlist to cineSync simply click "Add to Session". If you wish to see the versions contained within a playlist click the playlist item. The search can be used to find particular playlists rather than scrolling through them all. 

The versions page will either show all the versions in the currently active project, or currently active playlist. To add a version to cineSync simply click "Add to Session". If you wish to see more information about a version click the version item. 

This list of versions can be filtered using the Search box. You can either search by name or you can select a status.
Simply either type in the box to filter by name or select the required status by clicking on the dropdown arrow and selecting the required status.

The Version Details page shows a complete history of all the notes for a version and also contains links to any related versions. To add this version to cineSync simply click the "Add to Session".

By default, ShotGrid Review will only show versions with uploaded media. If you wish to reference local media click the gear menu and select the Preferences menu. The preferences menu allows you to specify a ShotGrid field in the Custom Search Field, that will contain a local path to the movie. eg sg_path_to_movie.

The Custom Name Field allows you specify a Shotgrid field that can contain a different name for the file that cineSync will use. Either use an existing column or add a new column in the Project. NOTE - When adding the custom name in the preference please ensure the SG column name is used so for example a new column added called Client Name will be sg_client_name in ShotGrid and that is what needs to go into the Custom Name Field.   

Similar to ShotGrid you can set the number of entities per page that cineSync will return, allowing for quicker navigation.

In Preferences you can also set various other settings for your ShotGrid media;

Download original file
Require guest to login to ShotGrid to access the files
Auto delete files once the review has finshed.
Encrypt the media
Connect or download ShotGrid media via a Proxy
And Direct Uploads.
The 'Update hosted Urls' will refresh the files Urls should guests have a problem when joining the review.

Logging can also be enabled which will save a file to your desktop or home directory should it be required for trouble shooting. 

Once a review is complete select 'Preview and Publish Notes'. This page provides a preview of all the notes that are going to be published to ShotGrid. If you wish to edit or remove any annotated frames select “Edit", or if you wish to merge these notes with an existing ShotGrid note use the note action button on the left hand side to select which note to merge with.

You can also update the status by selecting the current status and then choosing the new status required. 

Notes can be linked to ShotGrid users so that they are emailed when notes are published. You can either link users to all the notes or link them just to particular versions using the 'Link Users' button either at the top of the preview screen to link them to all the notes that are going to be published or on each version, for that version only.

A list of all the the ShotGrid users is shown and you just select which users you wish to link the notes to.

Guests will have the files automatically downloaded once they have joined the cineSync session.