Currently cineSync doesn't allow access to ShotGrid via your Autodesk ID - You need to create a legacy login and personal access token. 

1) Login into your Shotgrid instance via a browser. This will be using your Autodesk ID.
2) Select Account Setting from drop down list - located under your user picture

3) Select Legacy Login and Personal Access Token from the list.

4) Create a Passphrase/Password under the Legacy Login. This is used for connecting via cineSync only. It does not change your Autodesk/ShotGrid password.

5) Click Generate a Personal Access Token - this will open the Autodesk login page.

6) Login in using your Autodesk username/password and select Security from the list on the left.

7) Click Generate button in the Personal Access Tokens section.

8) From the dropdown in Product scope - select ShotGrid and then give the token a name, the name can be anything you wish.

9) Hit Generate

10) Copy the Token Code **NOTE - The token is displayed only once** so ensure have a copy before clicking done.**

11) Return to the ShotGrid tab and paste the copied token code into the token code field and click Bind.

11) Once binded - a status 'In good standing' will be displayed.

12) To use this with cineSync - open the ShotGrid viewer in cineSync. Enter the Shotgrid host, the ShotGrid username and the Passphrase/Password that was set in the Legacy login.