What Your Account means

cineSync accounts are defined by the number of users required for the account and by the length of time the account is required. cineSync accounts can be basic accounts, or cineSync Pro accounts, which allow far greater functionality (see below).

Only the user wanting to initiate a cineSync session requires a paid account - any guests that need to join the session only need the software and can join the session without a paid account. Information on starting a session and details on the session key can be found here.

Number of Users

The users refer to the number of people who can be in a cineSync session at the same time. So a 2 user account will allow up to 2 people in a session at once, usually the session initiator and one guest. A 5 user account would allow the session initiator and up to 4 guests, etc.

Length of time

The length time the account is active from the date of purchase.

PRO or Standard

This refers to the features available in cineSync.

cineSync PRO has a great number of features that are not available with a standard account. Details of these are detailed under the 'Pro Account Features' section. 

cineSync PRO accounts are multi-session which means that the account can have more than one session running at a time. So for example, a 10 user PRO account could have 2 different sessions running at the same time with 5 users in each session.Or any combination of sessions running with up to 10 users.

Standard cineSync accounts are not multi-session and are only able to run one session at a time. So a 10 user standard account could only ever have 1 session running at any time with a maximum of 10 users.