ftrack integration for cineSync lets you quickly setup cineSync reviews using any of the versions (media) you track in ftrack. After the review is complete any notes and annotations can be quickly and easily published back into ftrack.

To get started, go to the Integrations menu, select ftrack and choose “Import Review”.

On the login page you need to enter the URL of your ftrack instance, username and API key.

On the Projects page by default you'll see all your active projects. You can list all the projects, active or not via the drop down by selecting 'All Projects'.

You can also use the Search feature by just typing in the Search box.

Click on the required project. You can either choose to see the Versions, the Reviews or Lists in that project. 

Again you can select from seeing 'All Reviews' in that project or just the 'Open Reviews' 

To add a review to cineSync simply click "Add to Session". 


If you wish to see the versions contained within a review or list, just click on the required line.

This will list all the versions in the review/list and they can be added to cineSync by clicking the 'Add to Session' button. 

Versions can be added into cineSync by clicking the 'Add to Session' button against the required version.

Once a review is complete select 'Export' from the cineSync ftrack menu. This page provides a preview of all the notes that are going to be published to ftrack. 

If you wish to edit or remove any annotated frames select “Edit", or if you wish to merge these notes with an existing ftrack note use the note action button on the left hand side to select which note to merge with.

You can also update the status by selecting the current status and then choosing the new status required.

Guests will have the files automatically downloaded once they have joined the cineSync session.

To change any of the ftrack settings then select the Preferences from the menu.

Similar to ftrack you can set the number of entities per page that cineSync will return, allowing for quicker navigation.

You can also set the options;
Download the Original file
Connect via a Proxy if required
And Encrypt the media.

Logging can also be enabled which will save a file to your desktop or home directory should it be required for trouble shooting. 

The 'Component Search' can be set to include any local files that have been added to your ftrack instance.