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cineSync account FAQ

cineSync accounts are priced based on a number of "users". What are users?

Users are the people involved in your session. A 2 user account will allow you to start a session and invite one other person to join you. A 10 user account will allow you to invite 9 other people.

How does a cineSync license work? Do I need to buy one for every machine, or are they floating?

cineSync licenses are fully floating. You may use cineSync on any machine using your username and password.

Can I upgrade my account from Basic to Pro?

In order to upgrade your account from Basic to Pro before your account expires, please contact sales@cinesync.com for assistance.

Are educational discounts available?

Yes, educational discounts are available, please contact cineSync sales, for more details.

Can I upgrade my account later if I decide I need more users?

Accounts may be upgraded or renewed by logging in to your account portal through our website.

If I invite guests to join my sessions can they join for free? How does that work?

You only need to purchase a cineSync account if you wish to start sessions. Guests may join your session without purchasing an account. They only need to download the cineSync client, available via our downloads page.